IV.3 Political consequences of demands and revolts

Collection photo Honfleur, originale au musée du Nouveau Monde, La Rochelle, inv.MNH.2015.2.6


Vincent Ogé (1750 - 1791) was born in Saint-Domingue, into a wealthy family of “free men of color”. He fought for equal civil rights, but was arrested in January 1791 and executed the following month, along with his comrades. The cartouche featuring a military trophy, palm tree, phrygian cap, and the motto “Liberté, Égalité, République d’Haïti” (Liberty, Equality, Republic of Haiti) is the same image that adorns the flag of the new and first Black republic, that of Haiti.

F. Grenier
A young Ogé arriving in Le Cap on October 12, 1790 and unfurling the banner of Liberty
1822 Lithograph, 31 x 23.9 cm
Bordeaux, Musée d’Aquitaine, Gift of Chatillon, Accession No. 2003.4.337


Alexandre Pétion was the son of Bordeaux colonist Pascal Sabès, a landowner in Port-au-Prince. His mother is described as a “mulatto”. He fought Toussaint Louverture on the side of the French, before joining Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who proclaimed Haiti’s independence in 1804. After contributing to the fall of Dessalines, who was crowned Emperor, Pétion became President of the Republic of Haiti from 1806 to 1818 for the southern part of the island; the north of the island was governed by General Christophe, who did not recognize Pétion.

Villain, after Barincou
Alexandre Pétion, President of Haiti
c. 1820 Lithograph, 34 x 24 cm
Bordeaux, Musée d’Aquitaine, Gift of Chatillon, Accession No. 2003.4.344

The thirty “deputies of the Mountain” (so named because they sat on the highest benches) are depicted on four benches in the Chamber. The main point of interest on this illustrated handkerchief is the presence, right next to Victor Schoelcher (labeled No. 18), of the representative for Guadeloupe Louisy Mathieu (No. 17) (1817 - 1874), who sat in the National Assembly from August 22, 1848 to May 26, 1849.

The Mountain
1849 Illustrated handkerchief, after a print by Buquet, 75 x 80.7 cm
Bordeaux, Musée d’Aquitaine, Gift of Chatillon, Accession No. 2003.4.473 "


Mouchoir illustré, d’après une gravure de Buquet La Montagne 1849, 75x80,7 cm Bordeaux, musée d’Aquitaine, legs Chatillon, inv. 2003.4.473


Victor Schoelcher (noté n°18) à côté du député de la Guadeloupe Louisy Mathieu (n°17) Détails du mouchoir La Montagne 1849